Build custom workouts
Track your lifts in the gym
Plan your weekly routines

What’s the big deal?

Build your workout just by typing

We don’t pretend to have a complete library of all the workout moves out there.

Type out your move and we try to search it from your previous workouts. If we don’t find it, you can create a new move with one tap.

It’s that easy.

Everything you need for a great WOD

Supersets. Automatic rest timers. Add or swap moves with a tap.

Feeling it today? You can update your weight or log an extra set without all the fuss.

We build the app as lifters ourselves. We think you’ll like it, too.

Works offline, because why shouldn’t it?

It’s such an underrated quality.

But then again… it’s just so important! Every gym has a dark corner with poor reception. And we don’t want you to wait a split second with every tap in the app: that’s just sad.

Good business, zero B.S.

Your data are stored on your device. If you have iCloud, they are synced in the background and only you have access to them.

There’s no sign-up or account required. Your data are a liability to us, so why should we bother collecting them anyway?

We are not backed by a VC. We don’t intend to “build a community.” We are just building an app and It Just Works™.

To recap...

  • Customize workouts just by typing
  • Build your weekly routines
  • Works offline
  • Private & secure iCloud sync