Create preset timers that you can start with one tap. Or one command with Siri. You can add steps and ringtones to the timers, colour them, and organise them into groups.

And we haven’t even started with cool features like Widgets and Shortcuts integration.

Pro Features

Unlock true power with a one-time purchase, and share it with your iOS and iPadOS devices

  • Run Multiple Timers

    Remove the limitation to run one timer at a time. You can time your pulled pork in the oven, be reminded of your laundry, all while finishing a quick and easy workout.

  • Unlimited Timers

    Create unlimited timer presets for everything in your life. Create groups to organise your timers, and use colours to visually tell them apart.

  • More Icons & Ringtones

    Access 200+ icons hand-drawn with premium quality. Pro users also have access to more than a dozen ringtones with distinct tones and durations.

  • More Power to the Timers

    Create timers with up to 12 steps, and loop the entire routine for up to 10 times.

    You can name each step and assign a different ringtone. Power Timer can have the timer setup for your most complext workout or recipe.

  • Add Timers from Gallery

    Coming soon — add timers from the preset gallery. Add timers with one tap or customize them for your own needs.

Power Timer is available on iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 14.