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Film Packs

  • Classic 17

    Back to the most basics: colored formula framed in the rectangle white border.

  • Christmas

    Head into the holiday season with this festive film pack, containing 8 distinct patterned frames. The imaging formula has added chemicals to give your photos a christmas tone.

  • Classic 29

    Classic 29 is a black-and-white formula that brings back the vintage look. The low contrast of the formula lends some tranquility to the subject.

  • Classic 43

    This high-contrast black and white film pack takes your creativity to the next level. The round frame brings focus to the center of the photo, making your subject truly pop.

  • Silvertone

    The metal-hued film pack contains 10 films, with two of each color. The cream-colored borders add softness to the otherwise crisp monochrome photo.

  • Neon

    The Neon Collection is a sharp film pack, producing monochrome photos in striking yellow and pink. The sleek black border adds a lot more to the coolness.

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