Sasquatch Studio

We are an app studio located in B.C., Canada. We have years of experience crafting native iOS apps that bring joy or get things done.

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Multiple timers. Timer steps. Group steps in repeatable sections. Multi-window on iPad. Siri and Shortcuts support. Customizable icons and ringtones. Large time print for you to see countdown from across the room.

PowerTimer is your ultimate timer app. It’s fully customizable to your most meticulous timing needs, from the kitchen to the gym.

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Your ultimate care companion for house plants is here.

PlantPal organizes your house plants in one place, and have them sorted in rooms and groups. Track your care tasks such as watering, fertilizing and repotting. It also helps you coalesce your care tasks and allows you to easily snooze a due task that doesn’t yet require attention.

PlantPal syncs your data with iCloud. There’s no need to sign up for an account. There is no server to wait for a response from.

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Available only in Simplified Chinese—《小张通讯录》是一款海外华人必备的通讯录助手。小张可以帮你整理通讯录中的中文姓名,让他们在系统通讯录中正确排序。添加拼音后,你可以使用拼音轻松从 Spotlight 或 Mail、Messages 地址栏中找到你的联系人。


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Designed in the heist of the pandemic, Someday is a reminder: when was the last time you did that thing you loved?

This isn’t another task manager that helps you get things done. Someday keeps track of things that bring you joy, and inspires you to go back to them again and again.

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Liiift is a workout companion app dedicated to weight training. You can easily plan your workout, customizing your weekly grind with precision and ease. Whether you’re at the gym or in your home sanctuary, Liiift empowers you to log each set as you power through, keeping you on track and motivated every step of the way.

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Camera & Photo Apps

These photography and camera apps are designed to spark creativity. With one purchase, you can unlock premium contents in all of these apps.

Meet FRMD, the instant photo camera in your pocket. HRZN makes film emulations in the dramatic, ultra-wide 21:9 format. And BORD is designed to un-crop your photo for social media, adding coloured borders that match the content of your photo.

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