Someday (The App) strives to be a good citizen on your iPhone and iPad. At Sasquatch Studio (We/Us), we see user data as a liability, not as an asset. We collect minimal data on our end, and user data that belong to the user (You).

As a summary:

User Data

“User data” refers to the entries you create within The App. This includes the Activities you create within the app, as well as any records of history, and any Ideas attached to your Activities.

User Data is stored locally on the device and—if iCloud is enabled—synced with iCloud. You own your data. There is no other 3rd-party server that stores your User Data.

We cannot see user data unless you explicitly share them via iCloud.

Purchase Data

The App utilizes RevenueCat to check for in-app purchases and validate them with the App Store. RevenueCat generates a random device ID that it uses, and may tie this ID to App Store receipts. We may therefore know that two RevenueCat IDs belong to the same user. RevenueCat reports metrics in aggregate such as total income and active users over a period of time. This is required for the app’s functionality.

The RevenueCat ID does not identify you in other apps. The App Store receipts only contain an app-specific identifier, and does not identify you in other apps, either.

Analytics Data

Google Analytics is utilized to collect statistical information on how users use the app. The SDK we link is explicitly not for ad and tracking. The SDK, according to Google, does not collect personally identifying data, and does not use IDFA to portrait you, or to serve you targeted ads in other apps.

On the data I collect, we care about the “how many” and “how much,” never “what” or “which.” We collect:

Crashlytics Data

Google Crashlytics collects performance and crash data to help us improve app quality. The SDK only collects anonymous data and only enough data to help us identify cause of a crash or a deficiency.

For example, we may collect:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, without prior notice to you. We strive to update this Privacy Policy in a timely manner, but the information provided here maybe wrong, incomplete, or outdated.

This page was last updated on Oct 11, 2023.